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From dreams to reality

 Wedding arrangements and experience packages on the paradise island of Rhodes. Enjoy your day at fullest, without having to worry about anything. 

The moment you feel that he/she is the one is the most important. That realisation that you want to be together, to love each other, gives the knowledge that the wedding is a part of being together. Your love makes this day special. I’m only here to help you. As an experienced wedding planner, I’ll make sure everything goes smoothly. There’s nothing grater than a happily married couple. 

Say, I do

wedding planner Kadi Sentemente

My interest in different countries, cultures and languages has given me the opportunity to quickly find a common language with island visitors of different nationalities. I understand the wishes of the bride and groom from different cultures, and the joy is greatest when bride’s and groom’s eyes speak more than a thousand words. Everyone is welcome, regardless of gender or nationality. We organize your special day exactly as you dreamed it and put every last detail in place. 

I'll be waiting for you on the island

About the island


Beautiful beaches, magical sunsets- perfect atmosphere for your wedding. Rhodes is a Greek island in the South Aegean Sea. As one of the most popular of all the Greek islands, Rhodes is a multifaceted place, almost like a small country, with a history that has stirred romantics for centuries. It also has some of the best beaches, archaeological sites, restaurants and nightlife in Greece.

The tours we offer have been chosen in such a way that every visitor to the island will find an adventure that suits them according to the purpose and needs of their trip. Let’s make meaningful memories. 





Our simplest and most affordable package includes the main services with the most important accessories for a wedding ceremony. Venus is a good basic package that can be polished and supplemented with additional services according to your wishes.

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Aphrodite is a wedding package with additional services and if desired, the bride and groom can add to the package as they see fit. And that’s exactly how the young couple imagined their Day of Dreams.



Hera, as the name suggests, is our most polished and improved package. In addition to the basic services, we have brought a number of additional services to meet the needs of even the most demanding customer and to offer a wedding experience worthy of the name of the main goddess.

The most important day of your life

Wedding planning process


The wedding process starts with the bride and groom wanting to get married abroad, on the sunny island of Rhodes.


If Rhodes sounds like the perfect place for you, write an email or book a call. We will discuss your wishes and our opportunities. 


Determine the date. Select your dream venue. 


Time to send all legal documents. 


We’ll start working on wedding preparations. During this time, we’ll be in constant contact. 


One last call to make sure everything is going as planned. 


Flight to Rhodes. 

Meeting with the wedding planner. 


We’ll visit the ceremony venue and the wedding reception.


We’ll visit bridal hair stylist and make-up artist. 


Enjoy your wedding day!