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Privacy policy and processing of personal data. 
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Protection of personal data

Personal data is the data that AWV Weddings & Venues  collects for the purpose of providing a service, identifying an individual, contacting an individual for the purpose of providing a service, resolving queries or sending promotional content.

AWV Weddings & Venues does not process sensitive personal data as defined in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR or EU Regulation 2016/679).

AWV Weddings & Venues is committed to protecting the personal data of customers and users and their privacy. AWV Weddings & Venues‘ activities on the Internet are in compliance with all relevant activities and relevant European Union legislation and the laws of the Republic of Estonia, including Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council. AWV Weddings & Venues takes all precautions (including administrative, technical and physical measures) to protect the personal data collected. Access to modify and process data is restricted to authorized persons.

All personal data disclosed during a visit to the Entrepreneurial Minds websites will be treated as confidential information.

The following is the Privacy Policy of AWV Weddings & Venues regarding the collection, processing, use, disclosure, transmission, alteration, deletion and blocking of personal data.

This policy does not apply to the processing of data of legal entities and other companies/institutions, nor does it cover the processing of personal data on websites/services referred to on our websites/services (external links).

The person representing the company (as the subscriber) is not a natural person, but an authorized representative of a legal person whose processing of personal data is not regulated by Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council.

1. What data is collected?
Non-personal technical data is collected about the visitor when visiting the website.
The technical data is limited to the Internet address (IP address) of the computer or computer network used, the browser and operating system software version of the computer, the time (time, date, year) and place of the visit. IP addresses are not linked to personally identifiable information.
Data is collected on visits and stays on websites in order to improve websites and service environments and make them more convenient for visitors.
We use Google Analytics, an automated tool, to collect the above data. If you do not wish to have this information about you transferred to us, you can opt out of the collection of your data by Google Analytics at any time, as described here.
With regard to natural persons, the data to be collected will include, where necessary, the personal identification number for uniqueness, name for communication, e-mail address, mobile phone, city and country of location.
For the processing of data of legal persons, we collect the registration number, VAT number, name, country, address, email addresses for contact and billing, names of contact persons representing the company and their email addresses and contact telephone numbers.
In the case of marketing messages sent to emails, we may collect information about your interactions, such as whether you opened the email, which links you clicked on, what devices you use to do so and their technical features. This information is stored in the history of each contact.
When you are in the AWV Weddings & Venues contact database, we may also process your name and email address or mobile phone number for marketing purposes in social media and online advertising (Facebook, Instagram, Google). For these purposes, we will process your personal data for 5 years from the date of adding your contact to the contact database. AWV Weddings & Venues has a legitimate interest (GDPR Art 6(1)(f)) to send marketing communications to your contacts in order to maintain a business relationship with them.
Personal data processed by AWV Weddings & Venues customers uploaded to the Entrepreneurial Mind environment within the framework of the service is protected by confidentiality requirements, which apply upon signature of the service contract by the customer. AWV Weddings & Venues services can only be used upon acceptance of the contract. Acceptance of the contract will be verified by software, in the absence of which you will be asked to accept it.

For the purposes of the processing of personal data listed in this subsection, the data will be accessed by the employees of AWV Weddings & Venues, who will use all security measures in their work concerning the processing of your data.

Consent to the collection of personal data relating to and necessary for the service is given by the subscriber at the time of ordering the service. By subscribing to the service, consent shall be deemed to have been given with the corresponding time stamp.

2. How long will the collected data be kept?
The data collected by non-personal technical websites and service environments are stored indefinitely.

Personal data relating to personalized enquiries and/or transactions will be retained for up to 7 years from the last interaction with the service provider, in accordance with the obligation in the Accounting Act to keep the data for the period of 7 years from the last interaction with the service provider. 

Personal data relating to personalised enquiries and/or transactions will be retained for up to 7 years from the last interaction with the service provider, due to the obligation under the Accounting Act to prove transactions. Interaction is considered to be, for example, responding to direct marketing by viewing or clicking on a link.

3. To whom can the collected data be transferred?
Personal data processed by AWV Weddings and Venues may only be disclosed, without the consent of the individual, to an authority or person who has a direct legal right (such as a court or a pre-trial procedure) and a legitimate need to know.

The personal data processed by the AWV Weddings and Venues service from its clients are treated as confidential and the right to process, publish or transmit such data is the sole responsibility of the data owner (the client).

At the customer’s request, AWV Weddings and Venues will provide technical assistance in data processing, but this does not change the ownership and responsibility of the data.

4. What rights does the individual have to the data collected?
The right to access, rectify, stop processing.

Personal data will not be disclosed by default, unless authorized to do so (participation in training/seminars/conferences).

If the personal data are not editable, accessible, disclosed on the website or in the service environments, a request for access or rectification should be made to us in an identifiable way. Where possible, the data will be issued or corrected within 7 working days.

If you wish to opt out of direct marketing offers for all or any of the topics, you can do so immediately by clicking on the link at the foot of each marketing email you receive. The change will take effect immediately.

If there is (no longer) a lawful basis for processing, disclosing or granting access to personal data, you can request the cessation or deletion of the processing, disclosure or access to the data. This should be done by submitting a request in an identifiable manner.

The request will be refused if:
it may adversely affect the rights and freedoms of another person,
it may prevent the provision of a service or the non-provision of a service,
it may obstruct the work of law enforcement bodies,
it is not technically necessary and/or feasible.
the applicant is not legally bound by the data.
the applicant cannot be identified.

For example:

– Cannot delete an e-mail address if it is no longer desired to receive direct marketing offers. In order to comply with the requirement, there must still be an email address to compare against – so that no email is sent.

– Cannot delete all data from CRM if no further contact is desired. In order to meet the requirement, there must be enough data to compare against – so that no contact is made.

Privacy policy conditions and changes
By using the AWV Weddings and Venues website, you have read and agreed to these terms and conditions. We reserve the right to change the general terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy as necessary, by notifying all related parties.