Aphrodite weddings and venues


Kadi, the wedding planner

It all started from the moment I first arrived in Rhodes as a visitor, and for me the phrase applies: “You give Rhodes a finger, it takes your hand”. It was a coincidence of coincidence that led me to start working as a tour guide on the island. As many visitors to the island have found, discovering new places and hidden gems with a local gives you the chance to see authentic places, meet the islanders and make connections that bring you back again and again.

My interest in different countries, cultures and languages has given me the opportunity to quickly find a common language with island visitors of different nationalities. I understand the wishes of the bride and groom from different cultures, and the joy is all the greater when the bride and groom’s eyes speak more than a thousand words.
Everyone is welcome, regardless of gender or nationality.

Get in touch with me so we could organize the day, that is so important to you, just as you dreamed it. 


aphrodite weddings and venues

AWV Weddings & Venues was established in October 2020 on the island of Rhodes, Hellenic Republic. The company aims to provide a versatile and high quality event planning service, from simple surprises, anniversaries and other life-changing events to engagement parties and grand weddings. The aim is to help make special events, anniversaries, experiences and dreams come true.

We will focus mainly on one big event, the marriage ceremony on the island of Rhodes. To get you started, we have put together three different wedding packages for you to choose from – all designed to ensure that everything you need is organised in the right place, at the right time, and to suit you.

However, if it’s not a wedding, but you want to surprise your loved one in some other way on any special day, or just for fun, we have a range of romantic activities and tours of Rhodes to offer. We’ve put together packages that include all the information, procedures and all the important paperwork needed to make your event abroad run smoothly. We will liaise with the authorities, take care of the paperwork, suggest different beautiful locations, help with the mundane arrangements, provide on-the-spot support and act as a witness if necessary.

Every celebration is special and unique, and it has to be just the way you want it, so we are always open to new ideas and immediate feedback. Together we create experiences, together we enjoy the results!

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