Additional services


Hera, as the name suggests, is our most polished and improved package. In addition to the basic services, we have brought a number of additional services to meet the needs of even the most demanding customer and to offer a wedding experience worthy of the name of the main goddess.

The price of the package includes: 

✓ Meeting with the wedding organizer on arrival in Rhodes
✓ Submission of the application
✓ State fee
✓ Booking the date and time of the ceremony
✓ Booking a place for a wedding ceremony
✓ Visiting the ceremony venue
✓ Bridal bouquet and groom boutonniere
✓ Wedding car Audi Convertible (with decorations)
✓ Bridal hairstyle and make-up
✓ Ceremony decoration
✓ Attendance of the wedding organizer at the ceremony
✓ Translation service during the ceremony
✓ Translation of documents and apostille
✓ Counseling throughout the management period
✓ Party place reservation and catering price offer
✓ Wedding cake
✓ Flower arrangement for a wedding table
✓ Table decorations for the bride and groom
✓ Wedding photographer 6 h, photos in the form of a USB Flash Drive
✓ Saxophone, synthesizer or violinist at a wedding ceremony with songs selected by the bride and groom
✓ Minibus (up to 50 guests) from the property to the ceremony and back at midnight

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