Faq - frequently asked questions

The dream of a wedding and everything that goes with it is something that everyone has. Some want to get married in a private ceremony, others with a large group, some on the beach, others in a stately mansion. As many people have different dreams and desires. Even a plan that seemed so good at first may turn out to be something that needs to be changed. And so it is possible to find yourself sitting in a state of complete confusion, with only the thought in your head of how you can possibly organize a wedding that is even close to your dream? To make things easier, we’ll answer the most frequently asked questions in this blog post.

How is it possible to organize your wedding outside of your home country?

It is possible to have a wedding abroad, and here in Rhodes we, the team at Aphrodite Weddings & Venues, work hard to provide you with exactly the kind of wedding you’ve been dreaming of. Two-way communication, both by phone and email, will ensure your wishes are fulfilled. We listen to your wishes, thoughts and plans, suggest options and variations, and that’s how we arrive at a final result that will satisfy even the most discerning palate.

What do you need to get married abroad?

In order to get married abroad, you will need to take your marriage certificates in English from your local civil status office and send them to us, together with copies of your birth certificates and identity documents. We recommend that you use a courier company to send your documents from your country to Rhodes, so you can be sure that they will arrive safely and promptly.

Wedding ceremony – on a sandy beach, in a wine garden or in a traditional Greek taverna?

As many different people have different wishes. There are brides and grooms who want their wedding ceremony on a private sandy beach; there are those who want a small intimate winery; and there are those who want a larger wedding party for their group of friends in a traditional Greek taverna. All of these are possible here in Rhodes. We will listen to your wishes, make our own suggestions and offer you options that will ensure a satisfying end result.

A memory of a wonderful day

In order for you to have a memory to remember such an important day for you, it is important to know how you want to capture it. We work with professionals in their field – photographers and videographers. There are brides and grooms who only want photos, there are those who want a wedding video as well as photos, and there are those who only want a video of their special day. Communication and accurate communication of your wishes will ensure a memorable result. Our recommendation is to capture your special day on both photos and video, as this is the way to be able to revisit the important moments captured by the camera eye, and to capture the whole day on video tape, with all the emotions in their authenticity. It is said that this important day should be saved in the best memories drawer.