Romantic wedding in sunny Rhodes

First look and feel. Time together and the conviction that He/She is the one and only. From a romantic dream comes the idea to have your wedding outside of your home, somewhere with lots of sunshine, beautiful sandy beaches and a light blue sea. From a similar dream, Aphrodite Weddings & Venues owner Kadi Sentemente grew the desire to offer all this to her fellow countrymen on the island of Rhodes in Greece.

Aphrodite Weddings & Venues

Named after Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty and fertility in Ancient Greek mythology, the wedding and event agency offers an Estonian-speaking service and the reassurance that everything will be organised according to your wishes. Kadi, the wedding planner, has been involved with Rhodes since 2007 and has extensive experience as a tour guide and a clear insight into the local way of life. Although weddings can be organised independently, not everyone has the time, patience or expertise to do it alone. That’s where we can help, with a heart to make your day as memorable and beautiful as ours was.

Rain doesn’t spoil a wedding

If you’re planning a wedding at home, you might want to have a plan B as a fall-back option, because fickle weather can always surprise you, but in Rhodes you don’t have to worry about that. On the island, the sun shines 300 days a year and it rains in winter. Plus, the island’s stunning natural beauty and fascinating wedding ceremony venues are a delight. Although weddings can be held all year round, it’s worth thinking about summer time, so you can also enjoy a honeymoon in the warm sun after your ceremony, which you can also leave to us. It’s definitely worth planning your wedding in advance, but it’s never too late to ask, as we will be happy to find a time that suits you for your wedding ceremony or any other special occasion. There are still places available for the summer of 2022, so couples should definitely get in touch!

We don’t forget the wedding guests

When the bride and groom are getting ready for their big day, we offer the opportunity for wedding guests to join us to discover the wonderful Rhodes, its amazing sites and hidden gems that you would not normally be able to reach on your own or on a regular bus tour. In Rhodes, we offer a variety of options for your wedding ceremony, whether it be at the temples, on the sandy beach, on a sailboat at sunset or in the wonderful Kallithea Springs. We are also open to the ideas of the bride and groom, which we will carry out if possible.

Big favorites of brides and grooms

Having organized wedding ceremonies for a variety of brides and grooms, the undisputed favorite among brides and grooms is the ceremony on the beach under the setting sun, when the beaches are already quiet and the groom is waiting for his chosen one. The turquoise blue sea in the background, musicians playing songs chosen by the bride and groom in the distance, and everyone waiting. In the distance, you can see the bride and groom’s car, with the expectant bride sitting in it, and the minutes that follow as the bride walks up to the groom. These are the moments that will never be forgotten and everyone will remember the emotions, the joy and the happiness of the bride and groom. But to experience that feeling again, many couples have come to Rhodes to renew their vows. Here, too, we will lend a helping hand and together we will come up with something fun and suitable for you.

Start planning your wedding at home

A bride and groom’s big day encompasses everything from the idea to the realisation. It all starts with our first contact, whether by email or phone. If you wish, we can send you photos of the ceremony venues and the wedding reception so you can be sure of your choice. We will be available for you via Facebook, Skype or phone call as we prepare the ceremony. You can also visit the Aphrodite Weddings & Venues office while you are in Rhodes, which is open daily. Everything that goes into organising a wedding; from translating and preparing the documents, to confirming the ceremony and venue, catering, hairdresser, make-up artist, photographer, flowers, musicians for the wedding ceremony and also transport for the wedding guests, you can trust us. We work with professionals in the field and, as a partner of Go Travel Estonia, we can assist our clients in purchasing airline tickets and finding accommodation in Estonia.

It’s easy to register your marriage abroad

We think it’s important to point out that if you need to get a marriage certificate in Estonia again later in life, you don’t have to worry about that. When getting married in Greece, the bride and groom will receive a marriage certificate, which can be handed in to the civil status office in the place of residence in Estonia, where an entry will be made. Estonian diplomatic missions and consular posts also issue duplicate certificates of civil status and enter civil status records in the population register on the basis of foreign documents.

Trust us with the most important day of your life

We’ll do our utmost to make your day memorable, seamless and worthy of a drawer full of the best memories. We organise celebrations and events as if we were doing it for ourselves and our loved ones.